Does your system have On-Time Performance Issues?

Based on Arthur Gaudet's decades of service planning and scheduling experience,

this new book presents practical approaches to improve OTP.


The Hard Copy On-Time Performance Book is priced at $50.00 USD, which includes shipping to all U.S or Canadian addresses.

In Texas, the Hard Copy On-Time Performance Book is priced at $54.12 USD, which includes both shipping and sales tax.

The Tw0-Book Combination, One On-Time Performance in the Transit Industry and One Managing the Scheduling Function, to U.S. and Canada, is priced at $75.00 USD. 

For any other country, Hard Copy On-Time Performance Book is priced at $65.00 USD reflecting higher costs for international shipping.

The On-Time Performance Book is also available as a PDF, priced at $30.00 (inclusive of any Texas Sales Tax).  Please ensure a valid email address is entered on the order form.

Chapters Include:

1.  What is OTP, and Why is it Important?

2.  How Did We Get Here?

3.  Causes of Poor On-Time Performance.

4.  Solutions --  The Five "Musts."

5.  Techniques, how to achieve the five Musts.

           Running Time

                Recovery Time


                            Equipment (Rolling Stock)


6.  Costing Techniques.

7.  Stop-gap Measures.

8.  Ramifications and Conclusions.

                                                                                     Appendix -- Service Restoration Techniques.

Many systems suffer from degraded OTP.  Passengers are late for work (risking termination for their attendance), late for school, miss Doctor

Appointments (perhaps with health consequences), or they may have to be selective in grocery shopping to get home with chilled or frozen food.

This book addresses historical declines in transit speeds - in part due to increased traffic congestion.   Written before the Covid-19 emergency,

some cities are reporting increased post-Covid congestion as people struggle with the mass transit/private auto choice.  It discusses methods to improve

operating schedules to a sustainable, reliable level; Operations issues on the street, ways to increase velocity, ways to improve the effective vehicle spare ratio,

costing principles, and so on.

The book is also an element of Mr. Gaudet's new On-Time Performance Workshop.  Two options exist; On-Site or Remote Presentation.

The On-Site session covers two days, with the first day being a no-holds barred, check egos at the door, solution-oriented discussion. 

To maximize openness, it is recommended that only individuals from the host property attend (unlike the openness of the Runcutter Course),

so there is no hesitancy in airing "dirty laundry".  The second day is available for detailed review and troubleshooting.

The Remote Session became necessary due to Covid-related travel restrictions.  Unlike the interactive On-Site session with Mr. Gaudet moderating,

the remote session is much more of a presentation, taking about 1/2 day. 

Recommended attendees are Senior Management (for at least the beginning introduction and ending action plan development), Information Technology,

Planners, Schedulers, Operations Personnel, Maintenance Department (portion of Day 1), and Operators/Labor Representatives (at the property's discretion).

The Fixed Fee for the On-Site Workshop is $8,500 U.S. Dollars, which includes all Mr. Gaudet's travel expense and Workshop Materials (including

a copy of the OTP Book for each participant.

The Fixed Fee for the Remote Session is $3,500 U.S. Dollars, with the above-mentioned Workshop Materials shipped in advance.

It is also possible to combine the Workshop with a session of The Runcutter Course.  In this case, it is recommended that the Course be presented first,

with the Workshop to follow.

For the Combination, an On-Site Session of The Runcutter Course followed by the On-Site OTP Workshop (same week or with an intervening weekend)

is priced at $11,500 U.S. Dollars.

The Combination price for a Remote Session of the Runcutter Course, followed by  a Remote OTP Workshop carries a fixed fee of $7,000 USD.

Please call Arthur Gaudet at 972-466-4611, or email to discuss your needs and explore further detail.