Training and Teaching

We believe in passing on the knowledge we've gained over the decades.  To that end, Mr. Gaudet developed a two-day course in Scheduling, Service Planning, and Driver Work Scheduling ---- Runcutting.  Since inception, it's been presented over 65 times, to over 900 students.

Whether using scheduling software, Excel, or pencil and paper -- it's important to understand the basics of scheduling.  The thoughts and logic behind decisions.  The parallel is the importance of understanding language before using word processing software; mathematics before using spreadsheet software.

The Runcutter Course addresses those basics by discussing:

Service Design (Route, Network)

Fixed Route Scheduling (running, recovery times, blocking -- efficient use of vehicles

Costing of service (the Three Part Cost Model)

Service and Productivity Monitoring  (evaluation and adjustment)

General Staffing Issues, including Extra Board staffing calculations

Runcutting (efficent use of employees, including intangible factors that affect costs such as employee retention, absenteeism

Rostering (five day work weeks, four day workweeks)

Exercises throughout, using pencil and paper foster an intimate understanding of elements such as schedule building, blocking, split creation.  The final exercise has attendees break into small groups to do a manual runcut. This exercise is designed to have multiple successful solutions, allowing attendees to see the effect of decisions.  Not a "trial and error", but a "trial and improve" approach.


                    The Runcutter Course                                                                      Onsite Training in conjunction with Runcutting