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Welcome to Arthur N. Gaudet & Associates, Inc. a transit consulting firm.  We specialize in bus and rail operations, scheduling and runcutting, and general planning for transit operators.  We also subcontract to other consulting firms, providing our transit operating expertise.

Our Philosophy

We are experienced transit professionals.  We function two ways.  We're an extension of your staff - adding the right specialist for the right amount of time.  We're also a traditional consulting firm, handling projects from start to finish.  Our low overhead means you're buying our skills and experience, - the substance you need - not offices, advertising, and flash. 

We remember that, first of all, transit is a public service with several constituencies.  We look for innovative solutions which will serve our riders, employees, and our taxpayers.

Company Profile

Arthur N. Gaudet & Associates, Inc. has been serving the transit industry since 1987.   For the last several years, the largest component of business has been service planning, scheduling, and run cutting/crew scheduling.  This work led to Mr. Gaudet's selection as an adjunct professor of Rutgers University, under the National Transit Institute's Fellows Program for the 1999-2001 term.   Subsequently, this experience in providing training provided partial impetus for developing The Runcutter Course (tm), a two-day training course in service planning, scheduling, vehicle utilization, and driver utilization (runcutting).  As of Mid-2011, over 400 individuals have attended the course.

We emphasize the basics, always considering passengers and front-line employees.   Our most important question is "Will it work on the street?" 

We're quite proud of our Run Cuts and Crew Scheduling.  As the originator of the "Human Factor Run Cutting" concept, we believe in saving labor expense while taking care of drivers. 

With properties from 10 to 125 buses, we consistently minimize overtime and guarantee expense, while providing reasonable driver work schedules.  Beyond cost, we also consider issues like operator fatigue and allowance for home-life time, as issues with wide-range impact.  Social values and cost impact - both impact our riders and taxpayers, so they're both important to us. 

We don't just let the computer cut runs, we examine each assignment from a driver's perspective.  If we couldn't work an assignment safely - we won't ask someone else to do so. 

Our President and Principal Consultant, Arthur N. Gaudet, has worked with bus and rail operations for over forty-two years.  From a bus cleaner and fueler, he rose through the ranks to drive, instruct, dispatch, and supervise, ultimately serving as a Transit System General Manager before becoming a consultant. 

His street and management experience - making it happen - combines with education in Transportation and Physical Distribution Management - so we can always ask and answer the most important question of all - "Will it work on the street?"  

Memberships :

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

American Public Transportation Association

Contact Information

Arthur N. Gaudet & Associates

3053 Ravine Trail      Carrollton, TX      75007-3438 U.S.A.


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