In recent years, Arthur has been focusing on OTP in an expansion of his concentration on scheduling education for management.  In addition to Arthur's books, he has posted several YouTube videos (see below). 

Now, he has released two new videos aimed at the third leg of the three-legged OTP Stool.  With accurate schedules as one leg, reliable vehicles as another, the third -- Operator Education seems to be lacking.  These videos are intended to fill that gap.   

The  first, Operating to Schedule, is a 31-minute presentation for newly hired Operators in training.  The second, Operators are Key to OTP runs 18 minutes, and is aimed at more experienced Operators.   The pacing is moderate, to allow time to absorb new information.  So, a suggestion as you preview the videos is to increase the viewing speed to 1.5 or 2X since much of the information is likely within your knowledge.

The videos can be viewed with these links:   

 Preview New Operator Video                                  External link opens in new tab or windowPreview Experienced Operator Video 

Both videos are available for sale for use on your transit system. 

The price of $580.00 (USD) is for a single transit system. 

The package includes these two videos, Arthur's YouTube videos (please use the link below to preview), and PDF copies of Arthur's two books: Improving On-Time Performance in the Transit Industry: A Practical Guidebook and Managing the Scheduling Function: A Guide for Transit Executives.  The videos and documents will be provided on a USB drive, sent by U.S. Mail. 


To Purchase the full package at the price of $580.00 USD using a credit card, please click here:


Alternately, please email, mail, or call Arthur if you wish to purchase using a purchase order/invoice, by check, or multiple sets (to discuss volume pricing).

For Management and Operating Companies with multiple contracts, please contact Arthur at 972-466-4611, or for volume pricing information.   

External link opens in new tab or windowWatch the YouTube Videos here:

Running Early, the Biggest OTP Problem

Bus Operator Retention and Recruitment

Transit Basics, Responding to Service Disruptions

A Career in Transit:  The Scheduler 

Upon purchase, Arthur will be notified, will confirm via email, and ship your USB drives as soon as possible by the  US Postal Service (including Global Mail for foreign orders).  Please be sure you provide the correct mailing address for these methods and double-check that your email address is correct.

The concept behind the latest videos, available only here (not on YouTube), is that the half-hour New Trainee video places all that a new hire needs to know about scheduling in one place.  It seems that an organized educational approach to Operator Education on this topic is seldom (if ever) seen.  Beyond information on how to read a schedule paddle and what discipline will result from running early or late, perhaps most trainers aren't qualified to reach deeper.  Arthur's contention is that if the saying "knowledge is power" is accurate, then also "Knowledge is Performance."  Beyond that, the New Trainee video can be shown as often as needed, to enhance or reinforce knowledge.  The Operators are Key video, aimed at more experienced Operators, can be used for periodic training, specific retraining, and perhaps just shown periodically on video monitors in the Operator's Lounge.   


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