Does your system have On-Time Performance Issues?

Based on Arthur Gaudet's decades of service planning and scheduling experience,

this new book presents practical approaches to improve poor OTP.

Improving On-Time Performance in the Transit Industry, A Practical Guidebook is now available.

The book is priced at $50.00 (U.S. Dollars) which includes shipping and handling to U.S. Addresses.  

Texas addresses please add 8.25% sales tax ($4.13, for a total of $50.13.)  

Foreign orders please email with your preference for shipping (quickest or least expensive), and I will

get back to you with the final cost.

To order now, please contact Arthur Gaudet, or 972-466-4611.  

The book is also the basis for On-Time Performance Workshops, customized for your property.  
For more information, please contact Arthur directly to discuss your situation and needs.

                                                              Chapters include:

1.      What is OTP and Why is it Important?

2.      How Did We Get Here?                                 

3.      Causes of Poor On-Time Performance

4.      Solutions – the Five “Musts”              

5.      Techniques- How to Achieve the Five “Musts”    

                 Running Time                                                                               



                         Equipment (Rolling Stock)                                        


6.      Costing Techniques                                                          

7.      Stop-Gap Measures                                                          

8.      Ramifications and Conclusion                                          

                                                                                Appendix 1 Service Restoration Techniques